Sint Eustatius

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Normal series plate for 1976.

This is maybe the most interesting series of plates ever issued. The Netherlands colony of Sint Eustatius devoted its 1976 plates to the bicentennial of the American revolution! And it did not just put a slogan or picture on the plates, but let that event even take the center stage, with the actual number reduced to a minuscule size (the E73 you can see at top right). This is not just a front plate, these plates were issued in pairs like this.
For comparison, here is a generic booster plate sold by the American Revolution Bicentennial Authority (ARBA). You can see that the official Sint Eustatius plates were produced exactly the same way, even with the legal text on the bottom left stating that it is an "officially recognized commemorative of the ARBA".
Normal series plate for 1977/1978.

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