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1987-1995 car plate. 河北 = Hebei province.
1987-1995 motorcycle plate. 山西 = Shanxi province.
1994 onwards car plate. 川 = Sichuan province. Front and rear plates are the same size.
1994-2007 foreign owned car plate. 京 = Beijing. These plates were discontinued in 2007, foreigners now receive normal blue plates.
1994 onwards rear truck plate. 辽 = Liaoning province, A = Shenyang city. The front plate would be in the size and format of the blue car plate above.
2007 onwards temporary car plate valid for 8 days. 京 = Beijing.
1994 onwards motorcycle pair. 津 = Tianjin city. The front plate is painted on both sides, and omits the provincial ideogram and district letter.
1994 onwards moped rear plate. 津 = Tianjin city.

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