Czech Republic

Pictures are to scale: 1 cm is approximately 10 pixels.
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1960-1985 commercial vehicle rear plate. TC = Tachov.
1960-1985 normal series plate. KV = Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).
1985-1994 diplomatic plate. A = East bloc country, 14 = East Germany.
1985-1994 military plate.
1995-2001 normal series plate. RO = Rokycany.
1995-2001 temporary export plate. NJ = Nový Jičin.

The date field on the right is not a sticker, but printed onto the plate. The holes for marking the year and month of expiration are drilled through the metal of the plate.
2002-2004 normal series plate. P = Plzen.

In anticipation of EU membership, there was already a space provided for the Euroband.
2004 onwards normal series plate. S = Středočeský kraj (Boehmian Central Region around Prague).
2004 onwards motorcycle plate. C = České Budějovice (Budweis).

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