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1958-1989 series pair, pre-1984 plate style with thicker characters.
1958-1989 series rear plate. VJ = tractors and articulated prime movers.
1958-1986 series rear plate. XY = rented truck trailer. Black plates were used for some vehicle types until 1986.
1958-1989 series rear plate, post-1984 plate style with thinner characters.
1958-1989 motorcycle plate.
1958-1989 series replacement rear plate for lost or stolen plates, valid for 3 months.
1990-1989 series temporary transit front plate.
1958 onwards agricultural tractor and agricultural trailer plate.
1990-2004 normal series plate.
1990-2004 police plate. RB = police.
1995-2004 commercial vehicle plate. From 1990 to 1994, commercial vehicles received normal white plates.
Temporary plate for the 4th quarter of 1992.
   1990-2004 motorcycle plates. The left one is a normal series plate, the right one a temporary for 2002.
Temporary export plate, valid for 30 days, issued in 2006.

While permanent plates changed to a Euroband design in 2004, temporary plates retained the previos country band.
Trade plate, valid for 12 months, issued in 2012.

In this case an EU flag sticker was placed over the Hungarian flag. This was done very neatly and I have seen it also on other plates, so I assume the sticker was placed at the time of manufacturing.

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