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Pre-1987 normal series plate. ZP = Donegal.

Pre-1987 normal series pair. IK = Dublin.
Pre-1987 plate. ZT = Cork. The plate seems to be in non-standard colors. Trade plates used to be red, but had only three numerals. And it is not a newer reflective rear plate: The red is non-reflective, and the characters are not black.
Pre-1987 normal series reflective front plate. TI = Limerick.
Pre-1987 normal series reflective rear plate. IZ = Mayo.
1987 onwards normal series plate, 1991 onwards style. L = Limerick city.
In 1987, a completely new series was introduced, with the year of first registration followed by a city or county code and serial digits. In 1991, the blue Euro band and the city or county name in Gaelic above the number was added.
Pre-1987 number on a 1991 onwards style plate. ZW means that the number was initially issued in Kildare, but the Gaelic name on the plate is that of Dublin.
1987 onwards normal series plate in American size. D = Dublin.
This plate does not have the Gaelic name.
Temporary pair expiring in February 1999. ZZ = temporary. Temporary plates retained the old colors of white or silver on black, but at some time switched to five digit serial numbers.

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