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Car plate, pre-1989 series. DL = Delhi (DL issued until 1973)

Car plate pair, pre-1989 series. CK = Karnataka State (CK issued from 1979 to 1989). The plates are debossed and have reflective characters.
1989-2002 series private car plate. WB = West Bengal State. 74 = Siliguri
1989 onwards temporary plate from Sikkim. SK = Sikkim, TC = temporary plate.

This is the back side of the above plate. There is white paper glued to the plate with a hand written number. So it seems that the vehicle was brought from Siliguri in the very north of West Bengal to nearby Sikkim, and then to neighboring Bhutan, from where I acquired the plate.
2009 onwards normal series plate. SK = Sikkim, 03 = North, P = private light vehicle.

From 2009 on, new high security plates were gradually adopted, with Sikkim being one of the earlier states. At the left of the plate is a hologram above the letters IND above an etched security number, which is indivudal to each plate in the country. All across the black characters there is "INDIA" written in small blue script.

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