St. Martin

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Pre-1993 normal series plates.

St. Martin was a depencency of Guadeloupe until 2007, and thus used department code 971. Until 1979, numbers on this island deviated from the normal French system by having the code as a prefix. In 1979, when serial numbers where in the 3000s, 971 became a suffix, getting the island in line with the rest of France.
2003-2010 normal series plate.

After 9999 SM was reached, the letters ZA and ZZ were used, then three letter codes from ZAA onwards. With the introduction of the Euroband, the digits 97 often became stacked to save space.
2010 onwards normal series plate.

In 2007 St. Martin split from the overseas department of Guadeloupe and became an overseas collectivity of its own. At first, it left the plate system unchanged with the 971 suffix, even though it was assigned code 978. Because it became an overseas collectivity (not a department), it did not change to the uniform French numbering system in 2009, and in 2010 it introdoced a new numbering system, consisting of 4 numerals and 3 letters.

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