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1937-1939 series. A = car, 05 = Warzawa.
1958-1976 series plate. F = Lodz province. This plate is interesting for me because it uses the same character shape as Austrian plates did at that time. Back then Polish plates were made in a variety of styles and materials.

1958-1976 series pair. S = Katowice. Fiberboard plate with rivetted plastic characters. When the initial series of two letters followed by two pairs of numerals was exhausted in some provinces, a reversed format was used.
1976-2000 series. KT = Katowice.
1976-2000 series. WS = Warzawa.
1976-2000 temporary plate. G 5 = Katowice.
1976-2000 moped plate. LG = Legnica.
2000-2006 normal series plate. GD = Gdansk.
2000-2006 personalized plate. D1 = Dolny Slask province.
2006 onwards normal series plate. ZS = Szczecin.
2006 onwards motorcycle plate. WWL = Warszawa-Włochy.
2006 onwards temporary plate, dated Aug/Sep 2013. P5 = Wielkopolska province.

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