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1968-1992 series plate. 1 = cars, taxis, private buses, AG = Argeş. This is an early plate made of thick cast metal.
1968-1992 series plate. 31 = para statal bus, CJ = Cluj (Klausenburg).
1968-1992 diplomatc plate. These very small plates were made of cast metal and used on both front and back of the vehicle.

1992-2007 normal series plate. SM = Satu Mare.
1992-2007 leased car plate. Lease expired in July 1998. B = Bucureşti (Bucharest).
1992-2007 provisional plate. B = Bucureşti (Bucharest).
1992-2007 diplomatic plate. 127 = Germany.

2007 onwards normal series plate. SV = Suceava.

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