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1993 onwards normal series plate. 18 suffix = Udmurtia republic.
1993 onwards motorcycle plate. 27 suffix = Khabarovsk.
1993 onwards agricultural vehicle plate. 95 suffix = Checheniya.
1993 onwards military plate. 15 suffix = Internal Troops, Ministry of Internal Affairs.
2001 onwards police plate. 15 suffix = Kareliya.
1993 onwards diplomatic plate. 514 = IBED, 77 suffix = Moscow city.
1993-2001 foreigner plate, 77 suffix = Moscow city (code issued until 1998).
Until 2001, vehicles owned by a foreign citizen or company were black on yellow, and the registration was in a reversed format with the double letters first. This particular number was issued to a truck in July 1997.
2002 onwards public service vehicle plate (vehicles transporting passengers, such as busses and taxis). 35 suffix = Vologda.
2001 onwards transit plate for previously registered vehicles being imported or exported. 23 suffix = Krasnodar.
2010 onwards transit plate for previously unregistered vehicles, made of thin plastic coated cardboard. 52 suffix = Nizhegorod.

See also from the Svalbard page:

Russian mining community plate. APБ = Barentsburg.

These plates were introduced in the early 1990s in the layout of the pre-1993 Russian plates and still use this design. Before that, Russian vehicles in Svalbard had no plates.

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