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1906-1972 normal series plate pair. H = Kalmar. Optional style where the rear plate had an S oval incorporated.
1972 onwards normal series rear plate, 1972-1983 plate style. The validation sticker expired November 1982.
Temporary export plate expiring July 1986. D = Göteborg customs district. Export plates used the pre-1972 style until 1990.

The two notches on the top edge suggest that the plate was used on an American specifications car.
Personalized plate, 1994-2001 plate style. This is the front plate without revalidation sticker.
At top right is the plate's date of manufacture: October 25, 1994. The euroband on the left is not part of the plate, but an unofficial addition. This was often seen in this series, because the plate itself is only 475 mm long, and the addition on the left makes it the full European size of 520 mm.

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