Former Yugoslavia

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1951-1961 front motorcycle plate. H = Croatia.
1951-1961 rear car plate. H = Croatia.

1961 onwards normal series plates.

  ŠA = Šabac (Serbia)
  PZ = Prizren (Kosovo)
  BG = Beograd (Belgrade, Serbia)
  SA = Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

In this series, first two pairs of numerals were issued. Once this was exhausted a triplet and a pair, and then two triplets were issued.

The Šabac and Sarajevo plates show that the accent on the S was significant.

1961 onwards motorcycle plate. TB = Trebinje (Bosnia-Herzegovina).
    1961 onwards moped plates. Some moped plates had the town name abbreviated, others had it written in full. SU = Subotica (Serbia).
Temporary plate expiring in 1984. RP = temporary registration, 3 suffix = Croatia.
1961 - late 1990s Military plate. JNA = Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija
1973 diplomatic plate. 37 = Belgium, A = diplomat, 02 = ambassador's 2nd car.
1961 onwards Police plate. M = Militija (Police), 7 = Kosovo.
This plate is non-reflective white on reflective dark blue. Because of that the colors change to dark on light when photographed with a flash:
1961 onwards agricultural plate MB = Maribor. This plate type was only used in Slovenia.

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