South Africa

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Apartheid era plates:
CEC = Garies (Cape Province). Pre-1978 style plate, made of embossed plastic with a metal backing.
TP = Pretoria (Transvaal). Pre-1978 plate, made of four parts: The characters are embossed into clear plastic. Above that is the black part with the characters cut out. Behind the clear plastic is a white reflective sheet, showing through the clear characters. And behind all that is a metal backing.
CA = Cape Town (Cape Province). 1978-1996 series.
CWB = Walvis Bay (Cape Province). Until the independence of Namibia (then South West Africa) in 1990, Walvis Bay was a South African exclave.
OV = Parys (Oranje Free State). 1978-1996 series.
ND = Durban (Natal province). 1978-1996 plate style.
1978-1996 Transvaal plate.

Post-apartheid era plates:
1998 onwards Eastern Cape Province plate.
1997 onwards Gauteng Province plate.
1997 onwards KwaZulu-Natal Province plate. ND = Durban. KwaZulu-Natal did not yet introduce a new numbering format, but still uses the old Natal Province codes.
1998 onwards North-West Province plate.
1997 onwards Western Cape Province plate. CY = Bellville, Durbanville, Kraaifonein. Western Cape Province did not yet introduce a new numbering format, but still uses the old Cape Province codes.
1996 onwards diplomatic plate.
Temporary cardboard plate from Gauteng Province, valid around the millenium change.

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