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1910-1920 motorcycle plate.

This and the plate below are among the largest license plates in my collection, and at that time all Belgian plates were that big.
1925-1928 car plate.
1928-1953 normal series plate. This number was issued in 1938.
1928-1953 front motorcycle plate.
1947-1978 army plate.

1978 onwards army plates for cars and Motorcycles.
Rear motorcycle plate, 1953-1965 series.
1965-2010 motocycle plate.
Normal series front plate, 1953-1973 series.
1973-1999 normal series rear plate. In Belgium, only the rear plate is issued by the registration authority. These have an embossed seal with the letters CV, which you can faintly see here above the hyphen. Front plates are owner-provided and do not have the seal.
Government minister official car, post-1973 front plate.
1975-1999 European Union plate. Numbers 0001 to 0250 were issued to vehicles belonging to the European Commission, the other numbers were issued to the employees for their private vehicles. These plate were replaced in 1999 with the general international organization plates.
2003 international organization employee plate. Rear plate with CV seal and expiration sticker.
1986 temporary pair. In Belgium, only the rear plate is issued by the registration authority in a uniform style. Front plates are owner-provided and come in a variety of styles. This one is made with a process that is also often used for the production of French plates.
Euro style front plate, 1973-2010 series number. Belgian front plates are owner provided, which gives a little freedom on the exact design. Starting in 1996, some car owners opted for Euro style plates. This was totally unofficial.
Temporary plate expiring in May 2003. Blue month sticker = taxes paid. From 1999, the CV seal on rear plates has been painted.
Mystery plate pair. It was acquired from Serbia and is in Belgian style. However, the number is in the same range as the temporary plate above, but the colors are those of normal Belgian plates. Probably they were made for some illicit reason, like using a temporary registration beyond its expiry.
Temporary plate expiring in November 2012, 2010 onwards style. Red month sticker = tax free.
A bicycle and a moped plate. These are issued by the provinces in annually varying shapes and colors. Moped plates have a diagonal line, bicycle plates not.

See also from the Military Forces Abroad page:

 Supreme Headquarters of Allied powers in Europe

SHAPE Belgium personnel plates for motorcycles and cars, annualy issued series from 1968 to 1991.
SHAPE Belgium personnel plate, 1992 to 1994 permanent series. From 1995, SHAPE personnel received normal Belgian temporary plates.
1985 onwards SHAPE official vehicle plate. The letters stand for Casteau, Hainaut, Belgium, where the organization is headquartered.

 Belgian forces in Germany
1958-1962 style private vehicle plate.
1962-2007 style private vehicle plate, using German dies and a seal.

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