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 Greek part

1956-1990 normal series plates from the Greek part, made in the then usual British style.

Serial letters GG were issued in 1972/73, PT in 1983. Some time inbetween the manufacture of these plates reflective plates were introduced, being white on the front and yellow on the rear.
1995-2013 normal series rear plate from the Greek part, made short and high to fit a Japanese car.

 Turkish part
Taxi plate from the "Turkish Republic of North Cyprus", made in Turkish style with a Turkish style embossed seal. Yellow rear plate.

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 British Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus
When Cyprus became independent in 1960, Britain retained two military base areas totalling 254 km2 under its sovereignty. British military vehicles there have their normal domestic registrations, while privately owned vehicles have normal Cypriot plates. Special SBAA plates are issued to vehicles of the administration of the area, including civilian police vehicles.

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UNFICYP = United Nations Forces in Cyprus.

Older type with UN only, introduced in 1964

UNFICYP = United Nations Forces in Cyprus.

Newer plates with UNF prefix, which was used until about 2006.

1-99: Headquarters
400-499: Sector 4

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