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Pre-2000 plates

Normal series plate, V = Valencia. This is a pre-1971 number without serial letters.
Normal series plate, B = Barcelona. 1971-1987 plate style.

Normal series pair, SE = Sevilla.

This is a mixed pair: The front plate is in 1988-2000 style, the rear plate in the older 1971-1987 style. Obviously the front plate was re-made later. Note that on two line plates, the number has to be read in a U-shape.
Temporary plate expiring August 1975. M = Madrid. 1971-1987 plate style.
Motorcycle plate, L = Lérida. 1971-1987 plate style.
Agricultural tractor plate, A = Alicante. 1988-2000 plate style.
Trade plate for the first half of 1989. TF = Teneriffa (Canary Islands), red color = dealer's trial plate.
Temporary plate. GC = Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), R = 30 day plate.
     Bicycle and moped plates from Alcudia (Mallorca), Barcelona and Malaga. Before 2000, mopeds and bicycles were registered locally by municipalities with plates varying in design.

2000 onwards plates

Normal series plate, MU = Murcia. Pre-2000 number re-made in 2000 onwards Euro style. These plates usually don't have the dashes for lack of space.
Normal series plate pair. 2000 onwards series, no regional coding anymore.
Italian size front plate, 2000 onwards series. These plates can usually be seen on Alfa Romeos and on sporty Seat models.
2000 onwards motorcycle plate.

1999 onwards diplomatic series plates. All have country code 66 for Romania. These plates do not have the Euroband.

CD, white on red: Diplomats
CC, white on green: Consuls
TA, black on yellow: Technical and administrative staff
2000 onwards trade plate, expiring September 2010. S = new vehicle dealer. These plates do not have the Euroband and are made with the smaller motorcycle sized characters.
2000 onwards provisional plate. These plates do not have the Euroband and are usually made with the smaller motorcycle sized characters, but I have also seen them with normal size characters.
2000 onwards trailer plate. These plates are displayed in addition to a normal white plate showing the towing vehicle's number.
2000 onwards moped plate. In 2000, moped plates got a nationally uniform format, replacing the various local issues.

See also from the Military Forces Abroad page:

 United States forces in Spain
Pre-1972 private vehicle plate. U.S. Forces personnel were issued with normal Madrid plates, but always with a zero at the 1000s place.

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