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Normal plate, 1937 - 1988 series. Þ = Þingeyjarsýsla Province.
Normal plate, 1937 - 1988 series. Í = Ísafjarðarsýsla Province.
Normal plate, 1937 - 1988 series. Ø = Keflavíkurkaupstaður Province. On this plate the characters are reflective white instead of the usual bare metal.
Normal plate, 1937 - 1988 series. R = Reykjavík.
Normal plate since 1989. In the center, there is the validation sticker. To the left, there is the provincial coat-of-arms sticker for Reykjavík. This sticker is not seen on all plates, so I assume it is not mandatory.
Normal plate since 1989 in American format. The validation sticker is to the right, and there is no provincial sticker applied on the left.

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 United States forces in Iceland
Pre-1979 series plate. J Keflavik Airport, leading zero = U.S. civil staff.

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