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 Pre-1978 plates

1951-1976 car plates in two different styles.
1951-1976 motorcycle plate.
1976-1977 car plate. As can be seen from the inspection stickers, this plate was in use until the late 1980s.

Temporary pair expiring in 1977. Note the different directions of the "77" year stickers.

 1977-2000 plates
1977-2000 car plate.
1977-2000 commercial vehicle plate.
1977-2000 car plate. Rarer plate type with plastic characters affixed.
1977-2000 motorcycle plate.
Moped plates for 1968 and 1980.
Temporary plate expiring in 1980.
Army plate.
Trade plate.
Provisional plate. S = Gelderland provice, number below 23-99 = valid for 30 days.
Provisional plate. T = Noord Brabant provice, number below 23-99 = valid for 30 days.

 2000 onwards plates

2000 onwards normal series plates.

In 2000, new plates were introduced continuing the previous numbering series. There is now a blue Euro band, a painted raised border and a new font. In 2006 numbers with three letters preceeded by two numerals and followed by one numeral were intoduced.
2000 onwards replacement plate. The small digit 1 indicates that this is the first replacement for a lost or stolen plate. This plate is misprinted, it should read 37-BJX-5.
1977 onwards reduced size plate for American cars. This type is still in the pre-2000 style without raised border and euroband.
2000 onwards motorcycle plate.
2000 onwards light trailer plate. Light trailers do not have a registration of their own, but display the number of the towing vehicle. Until 2000, that was on a normal yellow plate. Now special white plates (without the Euro band) are used to distinguish them from the car plate.
2000 onwards diplomatic plate. The number is purely serial with no embassy coding.

 Extra and special plates
Additional plate for animal trailers. 08 = 8 square meters trailer area, 37-36-WZ = The trailer's license plate number, 88-10 = expiration date, 0345 = serial number, 58 = type of livestock that can be transported.
Additional plate for refrigerated trucks. 11-1987 = expiration date. These plates are so big, because they are mounted on the upper edge of the truck's side.
Hoogovens steelworks truck plate, used only on private land.

See also from the Military Forces Abroad page:

 Allied Forces in Central / Northern Europe, Netherlands
Personnel attached to AFCENT, pre-1992 series.

Personnel attached to AFCENT, 1992-1999 series car and motorcycle plates.
Personnel attached to AFNORTH, 2000-2003 series car.

 NATO Région Centrale, Headquarters in the Netherlands
Pre-1998 official vehicle plate.
1998-2000 official vehicle plate.
2000 onwards official vehicle plate.

 German forces in the Netherlands
Current private vehicle plate.

 >Netherlands forces in Germany
Pre-1975 private vehicle plate.
1975 onwards private vehicle plate. The E series started in 1997.

 United States forces in the Netherlands
Pre-2005 official vehicle plate. The numbering format conforms to the one used on standard US army plates, so I assume these are normal series US army plates made in Netherlands style to stick out less.
2005 onwards official vehicle plate. 12 = issued in 2012, SC = Schinnen Base.

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